A Tribute to Mom

As I was taking my morning walk and praying today, I passed by a lilac bush and I remembered how my Mom used to love the fragrance of lilacs. Growing up on our family farm, my Dad had planted a row of lilacs perhaps fifty yards long when I was very young. They grew to be ten feet tall by the time I was in High School. The lilacs were made even more special because the starts came from my grandfather’s farm. My Grandmother was the daughter of a Circuit-Pastor and I’m told he was part of a revival that swept parts of Missouri and Kansas many years ago. Because the row was near the part of the farm our house stood on, each spring when the lilacs bloomed we could smell the pungent smell of lilac in the air whenever we stepped out the door.


Later, as I walked on this morning, the song, BECAUSE HE LIVES came on my Spotify playlist. The last verse says, “And then as life gives way to victory, I’ll see the lights of glory, because I know he lives.” I lost my Mom this week. She was 97. The past three years had been particularly hard for her as she had to be moved to a rest home. She was especially lonely the past year when because of covid, she was not able to have visitors. Our family would call her, and my sister would occasionally see her from outside the window of the rest home, but of course, that’s not the same as visiting face to face. Every time I would call her, she would tell me how lonely she was and how she longed to see my Dad who passed away in 1992. Although our family will miss our Mom, we celebrate with her as she goes to meet Jesus and my Dad.


We, Mom and Dad’s children and grandchildren, are so blessed. We have been given such a wonderful heritage. Our Mom and Dad loved the Lord and served him pretty much all of their lives. I remember as a little boy my mom reading from a set of books they had bought of Bible stories. Truth be told, I probably remember more from Mom reading those stories than from Sunday School. My Dad was what the Methodist Church called, a Lay-Pastor. He filled the pulpit in small churches all over Central Kansas who were temporarily without a pastor. The last ten years of his life, he became a Gideon, raising money for Bibles to be printed and sent all over the world, especially to third world countries. Mom and Dad loved the Lord and prayed every day. They especially prayed for their children and grandchildren to know Christ. Many of us have come into a relationship with God and a mantel of ministry has been passed down to us. My brothers and sister, and I know that likely, by the time Medicare gets their share of our financial inheritance, there may not be much left over. But we have a wonderful spiritual inheritance worth more than silver or gold. And we don’t have to share it with anyone. We each get it all! How cool is that, and how blessed are we?


So I honor my Mom. How timely that she passed away the week of Mother’s Day. I bless her and I honor her. I so appreciate all she was and all that she and my Dad passed down to us, their children. We are so blessed by having had the privilege of being their children.


By Vic Stinemetze