Youth Ministry

Welcome to The Ascent Youth Ministry! Every Wednesday night middle and high school students gather in the youth hall from 6:30-8PM. The evening consists of a variety of activities that may include discussion, games, teaching, praying, devotions, worship, and conversation. We also have snacks and refreshments available at some point during the night.
We believe it is important for young people to get plugged in somewhere. Being part of a group like The Ascent provides a safe environment which allows students to be themselves, make new friends, receive encouragement, and connect with leaders who support them in developing a real relationship with Jesus! Come see what we’re all about. We would love to meet you!
  • FIRST WEDNESDAY/JAVA NIGHT: Once a month The Ascent meets for a time of Family worship in the sanctuary and then goes to the youth hall for Java Night – a hang out night. You can expect food, music, and fun. Invite your friends.
  • SUMMER EVENTS: Each summer The Ascent plans a getaway trip to a youth conference, concert, camp, or missions trip to experience God in another setting. Fundraising events are on-going throughout the year to help make it possible for everyone to participate. For more information on our summer plans and fundraisers this year contact Kim Howard at (970) 234-2500, or check the monthly Ascent calendar.
  • OFF-CAMPUS EVENTS: Each quarter expect a fun activity with other students such as hiking, seeing a movie, eating ice cream, bowling, or getting together at someone’s house. Check our monthly Ascent calendar for upcoming events.